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In Massachusetts, call your rep TODAY to support midwifery bill

House Bill 4810, An Act Relative to Certified Professional Midwives and Enhanced Practice of Certified Nurse Midwives, would provide licensure and oversight for direct entry midwives, i.e., for home-birth midwives (as opposed to nurse midwives, who are already covered). Midwives provide superb care for women and their babies.

Right now, House Bill 4810 is in the House Steering and Policy committee. It would help if you called your Mass. House representative and ask him or her to speak with Steering and Policy committee chair Rep. Kafka and House Chairman DeLeo to encourage them to move the bill through the committee and onto the floor.

You can find out who your house rep is and their contact info here.

Here is the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance. Here is an excellent midwife, who is also our daughter.

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  1. Kafka is the Steering and Policy committee chair?! Kafka?! So if the committee members don’t agree, do they transform into insects? Or is there an unwinnable committee process involved.

    So many bad jokes, so little time…

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