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The semantic tipping point

Have semantic technologies reached the tipping point? Rene Reinsberg at the MIT Entrepreneurship Review says yes.

Im not sure what exactly a “tipping point” would be here, but it seems incontestable that semantic technologies are an important part of the Web and of business, and, taken broadly enough, always have been. I wonder, though, if the term “the semantic web” has reached a negative tipping point. Rene seems to use it pretty much interchangeably with “semantic technologies,” although the Semantic Web seems to promise something more world-wide-ish and systemic than the increasing use of semantic technologies.

Anyway, its an interesting post, with lots of links.

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  1. The Semantic Web will tip and spill forth its riches only after its supporters mesmerize everyone into loosening and finally letting go of the semantic bond between the words Semantic Web and a discernible domain of well-specified ideas. Post separation, all technologies having to do with human expressions and patterns therein, including those that predate the Semantic Web, will be Semantic Web applications.

    Hold tight; we’re almost there.

  2. </snark week>

  3. Indeed, interesting post. Perhaps, Rene looks at the Semantic Web through rose-colored spectacles (e.g. when he calls Evri one of the best known SW startups, he doesn’t mention that Evri started from ashes of Twine, that did not prove to be viable) but he indeed points us to many resources showing teh growing importance of SW.

    I’m faithful proponent of SW technologies, but it seems to me, as David suggests, that the term itself might have some negative aura now, because of so many broken promises. For many SW has turned to be one another vapour software solution.

    Of course I do not blame Rene for being optimistic about SW, he is absolutely right pointing to so many recent advances (like HTML5, RDFa etc).

    But I must add my tiny grain of salt to it.
    For me, as long as FaceBook does not really use RDF (sorry, but OpenGraph is quite dim mirror of it), as long as it does not support FOAF (true SW format for person representation), as long as Google in its Rich Snippets, uses the most primitive, non-standard, 400 lines long (with blanks) ontology — I do not share Rene optimism.

    Despite all successful cases, like BBC …

    I also think that the SW proponents have not yet overcome the danger and a sort of mockery best expressed by Cory Doctorow “MetaCrap” …

    Cory’s mockery sheds light on something far more important than any technological barriers….

  4. David, thanks for your post – I see semantic technologies as the tools which will get us to the “semantic web”. I don’t think the Semantic Web has reached the “tipping point” yet, but semantic technologies seem to become widely adopted.

    Mirek, thanks for the comment. From a business perspective and speaking to many business people outside the semtech world, Evri seems like the best known start-up in the field, but would love to hear your suggestions on others I forgot to mention. The Facebook / RDFa discussion is an interesting one; have a look at the interviews in MITER this week and you’ll see a few critical voices on the subject. I believe, FB will probably end up changing the OpenGraph protocol and hopefully make it more open.

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  6. Rene, to the great examples you already gave (Siri, Powerset and Calais) I always add Talis. Among other activities, they had sponsored fantastic Semantic Web Gang ( (I wish it was alive — but is not…).

    I also was looking closely after Yahoo SearchMonkey, and GoodRelations ontology movement, though I’m not certain if the later was explored by any startup or real business…

    I will look at MITER — interesting….


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