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These are Whitney’s hands. These are Whitney’s hands on drugs

The National Enquirer, which thinks it’s about time it was given a Pulitzer, this week (July 26) blares from its front page “Whitney’s $6,300 a Week Drug Habit.” The story inside tells us that Whitney’s addicted not only to drugs but to eating. And they’ve got the photo to prove it:

As my brother Andy pointed out when he saw me reading it, the least of Whitney Houston’s problems is that she’s over-eating. She really ought to see someone about that extra hand of hers.

2 Responses to “These are Whitney’s hands. These are Whitney’s hands on drugs”

  1. Why are you people behaving as if you’ve never seen anyone put on weight and now your speculating about a drug habit she publicly told you she had kicked. Quit kicking Whitney and get a life!

  2. This was actually a criticism of a photo that made her look like she was eating a lot. We are not discussing her weight or any drug use. The problem is that the picture shows THREE HANDS. Apparently there has been something done to make her look like she is eating more than she was at that instant.

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