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Berkman Buzz

Here’s the weekly Berkman Buzz, as compiled by Seth Young.

  • Wendy Seltzer [twitter] , “Jailbreaking Copyright’s Scope” link

  • Facebook caper? Jonathan Zittrain [twitter] holsters his pitchfork link

  • Facebook privacy settings? danah boyd [twitter] , Eszter Hargittai [twitter] ask, “Who cares?” link

  • Peace on Facebook? Ethan Zuckerman [twitter] tries to do the math link

  • Dan Gillmor’s [twitter] initial comments on the WikiLeaks “Afghanistan diary” link

  • Weekly Global Voices [twitter] : “Côte d’Ivoire: Journalists accused of document theft are freed” link

  • Herdict [twitter] on court-ordered filtering in Russia link

  • CMLP [twitter] on the FTC’s defense of its Blogger Endorsement Guidelines link

  • Radio Berkman 160: “Business, Meet Web” link

  • Doc Searls’ [twitter] belated eulogy for Ricochet link

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