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Two tweets worth

1. A show at the Des Moines Art Center is featuring works overstuff and overcrowded over the ages.

A year or so ago, Des Moines Art Center curator Amy Worthen noticed a pattern in the things the museum was adding to its permanent collection. Many of the new paintings and prints were crammed with imagery, top to bottom, side to side.

“There was just a lot stuff going on in the works,” she said. “I mean, insanely packed.”

She wondered why, especially since the artwork was created by artists with entirely different backgrounds and styles.

Cool idea for a theme.

2. I like AKMAs calm-but-stern commentary on Anne Rices decision to depart a Christianity that she has defined for herself in the worst possible way. AKMA has a great last line, although I suspect a person not as kind would have substituted “Anne Rice” for “Flannery OConnor.”

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  1. 帮顶

  2. Great suggestions. I wonder what the gentleman / lady above me wrote!!

  3. According to Google Translate: Bangding

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