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Who writes history?

History may only rarely be written by the losers, but it is always written by the writers.

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5 Responses to “Who writes history?”

  1. Now how can anyone argue with that? You should have said it’s always written by the winners!

  2. George, I was assuming everyone has heard the line you suggest. I was trying to suggest something different: Even if it’s written by the losers, it still gets wrangled into a story.

    And, yes, everyone knows that, too. But I thought some might enjoy an aphoristic version of it.

  3. And the writers are paid by the winners :)

  4. History is what is written in history books. That’s what my high school history teacher told us. (and he was a Harvard valedictorian)

  5. Thinking about how this applies to literature as well as history– overlapping fields, of course– and I’m convinced that adversity results in great writing. Look at the Irish, the Latin Americans, etc etc etc.

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