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Slater and Jet Blue

I don’t know enough about the Slater incident to have an opinion, beyond unease at lionizing someone for dealing with a-holism by being an even bigger a-hole. — if that’s what happened.

But I do want to say that a couple of weeks ago I had an unguarded conversation with a Jet Blue flight attendant who had no reason to lie to me, and who went on for about half an hour about what a great place to work Jet Blue is. The perks are generous, the flexibility of scheduling is phenomenal, the people are fantastic.

You don’t often hear that type of enthusiasm. I already like Jet Blue’s respect for its customers. That they treat their employees with respect makes me want to use their services all the more.

BTW, the fact that one of their attendants cursed out an a-hole passenger and then jumped out the slide does not have the same effect on me.

9 Responses to “Slater and Jet Blue”

  1. You’re uncomfortable about it, but the whole world likes it.

    Sort of the way I feel about pirating of music.

  2. Your post raises a question that occurs to me regularly: why do folks use euphemisms like “a-hole” in a post like this?

    I think think of lots of perfectly fine reasons ranging from linguistic delicacy to religious objection. I however share none of them, and it’s always a mystery to me why it’s preferable to write “a-hole” — which everybody perfectly understands and subvocalizes as “asshole” — than to avoid the construction altogether.

    I’d sincerely appreciate hearing from you and others here what the thinking is.

  3. Mark, not the whole world likes it:

    Howard, it’s a matter of tone. It’s not a recommendation to others. Euphemisms have their place — I don’t correct people who say “darn” by suggesting they actually meant “goddamn” — and euphemisms obviously only work if people hear what they stand for. (I also think “a-hole” slightly funnier than “asshole,” but that’s just me.)

  4. Funnier.

    You know, I think you’re right.

  5. You know the FCC doesn’t read your blog, right David? ;)

    But seriously, I agree with you.

  6. I have had a great experience with Jet Blue people in Raleigh and Burlington, but because of the JFK staff though I doubt I’ll fly them again. They left us in the airport overnight with no toiletries, if they had been up front at 4pm they wouldn’t get us to out that night we could have had a good evening with friends that would have put us up for the night.

    I am with you though David that him having a bad day is no reason for him to be a jerk to everyone else.

  7. One point I haven’t heard anyone make yet is that part of a flight attendant’s training and re-training is to remain calm, functional, and competent in unexpectedly stressful or dangerous situations (think: Sullenberger). Otherwise, why would we need them? I can get my own diet Coke.

    So Salter, whether folk hero or a-hole, was incompetent at his job.

  8. You are certainly qualified to expound on a-holes, since you are widely acknowledged to be the biggest a-hole ever to graduate from Bucknell University.

  9. I love Slater I hope he wins in court I fly all the time and peeps are just idiots on the plane they think they can break all the rules and do what they want they bring everything but the kitchen sink on to Carry on. I’m sure he had enough and they don’t get paid what they should for all the work and crap they put up with the idiot peeps on board ! GO SLATER I’m for you ! Love what you did ! More peeps should voice their anger at there customers and bosses !

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