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Notes from a disappointed fanboy

American Public Media’s Future Tense has posted a looong post from me about the Googizon proposal. Here’s the beginning:

There is no denying that I am a Google fanboy. I postponed my technolust for an iPhone until I could get a Droid. I switched from the Firefox browser to Google’s Chrome. I use Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Docs, and Google Maps, and I’d probably use Google Bugle and Google Tattoogle, if such things existed. I bought into Google products in large part because they tend to kick butt, but I have put up with some frustrations because I believed that Google was on my side. Our side. “Where are the other big companies that are standing up for the open Internet?” I have asked in public more than once.

So, Google’s joint proposal with Verizon hurt. Has Google cheated on me? Were there others before Verizon? Did Google ever really love me in the first place?

It then goes through my attempt to understand a bunch of the issues.

4 Responses to “Notes from a disappointed fanboy”

  1. Very interesting, from a meta perspective. I’d been wondering what your take on recent events would be. I’ll leave it at that.

  2. There is no doubt that Google has some good (free) products. But Google is for Google.

  3. I saw the true nature of Google nerarly a decade ago when they
    started blocking metasearch software from using their search
    engine alongside all the others. Nobody else behaved like that.

    Google lost it’s original character a long time ago and is now
    just another amoral money mill. Welcome back to reality.


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