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Berkman Buzz

This week’s Berkman Buzz, as compiled by Seth Young.

  • Doc Searls might be wrong about the future of the Internet link

  • Jonathan Zittrain gets to the core of net neutrality link

  • CMLP warns against three-strikes Internet laws link

  • Herdict discusses Australian Internet filtering link

  • Weekly Global Voices: “Rwanda: Bloggers Discuss Presidential Election 2010” link

4 Responses to “Berkman Buzz”

  1. I like the format you provide for the Berkman Buzz. I wonder if there could be a similar weekly JOHO Buzz.

    The blog format scrolls downward on a linear path to obscurity. Today I posted a response to the blog post concerning the building of the NYC mosque yet no one may read it because it has descended underground to its resting place in the blog roll.

    I know that blogs are current and ephemeral, yet the discussions and interactions are meaningful enough to merit further discussion and review. Replaying the weather forecast from Monday does not have the same importance.

    So I am campaigning for a once a week Joho Buzz to link quickly to discussions from the last week.

  2. It’s an excellent idea, and if I could do it automatically, I would.

    An alternative: A table of contents in the left-hand border frame. There’s probably a WordPress widget that does that automatically. I’ll take a look. Thanks!

  3. good idea!!


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