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Backwards headline

From the Boston Globe today:

Blagojevich a distraction for Democrats
Former governor’s retrial complicates campaigns in Ill.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Alexi Giannoulias had planned to talk jobs. The Democrat in a tight race for President Obama’s former Senate seat wanted to take the opportunity to say his Republican opponent had helped wreck the nation’s economy.

Reporters, though, only wanted to talk about the ousted Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich, a newly convicted felon who is expected to be retried on some counts.

The unfinished business of the Blagojevich trial poses a major new hurdle for Illinois Democrats, who are already facing a difficult election season. Despite hopes that Blagojevich’s trial would wrap up well before the November vote, a retrial could begin as soon as this fall, in the final weeks of campaigning.

Blagojevich’s saga will keep diverting attention from the pocketbook issues Democrats want to talk about as they try to keep Obama’s old seat…

Hmm. Shouldn’t the actual headline be:

Media continues to distract Democrats with Blagojevich
Journalists’ pandering threatens democracy in Ill.

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4 Responses to “Backwards headline”

  1. …. because corruption only matters if the politician has an (R) after his name, I guess. Thanks for making that clear :)

  2. You are, of course, missing the point. Like everyone else in the country, except for one juror, I think Blago is a scumbag crook who ought to be doing time. The only question is whether he’s a bigger joke or disgrace. Personally, I vote for disgrace.

    So, if there are (as per this article) so many more important issues to discuss, about which people actually disagree, why are journo’s only asking about Blago, and then forgetting that the journo’s are the one who are creating the distraction that they’re then complaining about.


  3. But David, don’t you know that The Media only *reports* the news, they don’t *make* the news.

    Oh look! A green elephant on a unicycle!

  4. “So many more issues to discuss”.

    Hmm. I suggest a strong course of listening to the “Common Sense” podcast with Dan Carlin. Corruption is the biggest issue facing the US. The entire Congress is laced through with it, both parties. Until that’s dealt with, nothing else matters much.

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