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Netflix’s culture

Netflix has a 128-slide deck, meant to be read not talked through, that explains the company’s culture, including why they don’t award a fixed number of vacation days. I find it liberating, humane, and slightly scary.

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  1. So awesome.

  2. In actuality the place is a total madhouse. The turn-over rate was around 25% when I worked there, and since there is no objective performance review, you have no idea if you are going to be one of the 25% that’s let go. This leads to ass covering on a scale not seen since the guys that designed the Hindenburg tried to save their jobs. Total chaos.

    In my department the team often missing the “go live” date for the content that was purchased for the website. Things were such a mess content would just sit there, staring back at you. Wondering why you couldn’t get it online.

    Read my blog on the topic at The whole thing is pretty shocking.

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