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The library next door

According to an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a St. Louis Park couple had so many books that they bought the house next door and turned it into their own library.

The article doesnt tell us how many books they own, but a reasonable guess might be, oh, 200 gigabytes worth.

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3 Responses to “The library next door”

  1. And here’s me planning on giving away a few hundred like a sucker!
    (because I don’t have enough room )

  2. Actually, the article does mention the number of books:

    “But the library is the main attraction, with its 7,000 volumes stretching right up to the ceiling. ”

    Not sure what that comes to in GB.

  3. D’oh. Thanks, Hal.

    I think I was figuring 4Mb/book, which would come to, well, not very much.

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