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[2b2k] Nature Mag. vs. Univ of California

Nature and the University of California are in a negotiation that at the moment looks more like a game of chicken. Norman Oder has a very interesting post about it at Library Journal. “UC says it currently pays $4,465 per NPG [Nature Publishing Group] journal, while the proposed cost for 2011 is $17,479. Nature responds that the proposed cost per download represents a very good value.” Nature contends that the current pricing represents and overly-generous discount. Further, Nature points to a per-download cost of $0.56 under the new prices. Keith Yamamoto, a professor and executive vice dean at the University of California San Francisco, is threatening to organize a UC boycott of Nature titles.

It’s all very complex and I don’t claim to understand it. But it is yet one more indication that this system is very broken.

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  1. One more data point: Citation Advantage of Open Access Articles. Prof. Yamamoto and colleagues are not “playing chicken” by threatening to pull their work from proprietary publishers. They’re likely to get more impact if they go OA. Not getting the stink eye from the librarian is just a bonus.

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