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A short message to FCC Chair Genachowski

Dear Chairman Genachowski,

The FCC is one vote short of preserving the Internet as an open space for innovation. Your President and mine has been very clear about how he would like you to vote.

Cast your vote for an open Internet and you’ll be our hero.


David Weinberger
Internet user

4 Responses to “A short message to FCC Chair Genachowski”

  1. Well, that is a pretty clear and forceful statement. I hope the Chair has seen this!

  2. One question worth exploring is whether “neutral” is the pathway to “open” or in fact an impediment.

    To be truly “open”, the Internet needs to meet the needs all all applications, not just the web-oriented applications that dominate today’s Internet. Some network applications that people use today, such as telepresence, are implemented over private lines because their requirements for bandwidth, latency, and jitter are too demanding for the Internet. In order to converge these apps with the Internet, the Internet needs to offer QoS. A “neutral” network can’t do that, for some definitions of “QoS” and “neutral.”

    Openness has intrinsic value, but neutrality doesn’t; we only care for neutrality to the extent that it enables openness. Advocates for ISP regulation would do better to focus on Openness and forget about neutrality. It the end, not the means, that matters.


  3. So-called “network neutrality” regulation is the pathway to a closed Internet. Commissioner Michael Copps makes no bones about it: he wants to regulate speech on the Net and wants the FCC to reclassify broadband as a “common carrier telecommunications service” (even though it is not) so that he can seize that power. The Net doesn’t need regulating. It’s flourished for 27 years without it. David, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

  4. Oh, and David: here’s some better text for your letter.

    “The FCC is one vote short of killing Internet innovation. Your President, while he was a Senator, was hornswoggled by lobbyists and made uninformed campaign promises. It’s time to correct these rather than blindly fulfilling them.”

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