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Rick Whitt on Googizon

Rick Whitt, a Google lawyer and lobbyist, helped negotiate the highly controversial Google-Verizon framework proposal for Net neutrality. I got a chance to interview him and asked him about it:

Two notes: 1. I apologize for the awful camera work; I couldn’t see the screen of the device I was using, plus I suck at this. 2. I’ve known Rick for a few years and count him as a friend who I enjoy spending time with when I run into him.

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2 Responses to “Rick Whitt on Googizon”

  1. Fantastic interview, fair but tough. You chased and they dodged, they are really sticking to the story (talking points).

    Its a curious argument, position, to take, “We give up because we cannot win, but we never really believed in NetNeutrality in the first place and we said so, [here]. [here] and [there], see?”

  2. […] David Weinberger interviewed Rick Whitt, a Google lawyer and lobbyist, about the proposed Google-Verizon framework. The original post is here. […]

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