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Everything is Warburg

The NY Review of Books gives a substantial taste of an upcoming article by Anthony Grafton and Jeffrey Hamburger about the library of the Warburg Institute. It organizes books on the shelves — it’s an open stacks library — into clusters of related materials, cutting across the usual subject classification. The University of London, which rescued and preserved the library, now is planning on dispersing its contents.

[The next day:] The full article has now been posted. Thanks, NYRB!

3 Responses to “Everything is Warburg”

  1. Speaking of “Everything is miscellaneous”, are there any plans to release it in ebook format? (preferably in a non-geographically restricted version so that readers in Australia can actually purchase a copy ;) )

  2. 写的挺好的,给博主增加点人气

  3. I have to admit, all i saw was “taste” and “hamburger”, then i ignored everything else.

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