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Hoder in for 19.5

It’s hard to muster any enthusiasm for Iran’s sentencing Hossein Derakhshan — “Hoder” — to “only” 19.5 years in jail instead of executing him, as they had threatened.

Maybe the Canadian government can do something for Hoder since he holds dual Iranian-Canadian citizenship. I don’t want to have to wait until I’m almost 80 to hear that he’s free.

4 Responses to “Hoder in for 19.5”

  1. I don’t think Iran recognizes dual citizenship. I didn’t protect Canadian-Iranian journalist Zahra Kazemi, unfortunately.

  2. Typo: “It didn’t protect…” Sorry.

  3. Not that Canada has much of a track record of taking the initiative to back up its citizens (viz Omar Khadr), but Derakhshan might well have inspired some support had he not treated his Canadian citizenship as though it were a borrowed disabled parking pass.

    I truly hope for his safe passage from this incarceration, however if Canada were to prorate its effort to match the extent to which Derakhshan expressed fealty to or respect for Canada, I don’t see a lot happening in his defence.

  4. From today’s Globe & Mail: “Ottawa demands release of Iran’s ‘blogfather’ ”

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