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Berkman Buzz

Berkman Buzz as compiled by Seth Young:

  • Joseph Reagle holds an Easter egg hunt: link

  • OpenNet Initiative’s new bulletin: “Policing Content in the Quasi-Public Sphere” link

  • Ethan Zuckerman blogs Cynthia Dwork’s talk on differential privacy: link

  • Kidney exchange? Doc Searls takes notes: link

  • Jonathan Zittrain isn’t worrying about Robin Sage: link

  • CMLP covers Low-Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C) formation: link

  • Plug! Stuart Shieber’s been tweeting: link

  • Weekly Global Voices: “Egypt: ‘The Inevitable Mubarak Photoshopping Contest'” link

2 Responses to “Berkman Buzz”

  1. I like article Doc Searls, about kidne exchange. That give me a lot to think about motivation people to get money. They don`t spend money for health, but sell it…
    Whatever nothing change from years in trade bowels.

  2. It’s really amazing work, I am inspired by your work and obviously this blog is perfect. thank you

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