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Mac App Store brings me little joy

The Computerworld article on Apple’s introduction of an App Store for the Mac can’t find anyone who doesn’t think it’s the greatest win-win since butter melted on toast.

It makes me nervous. I don’t like hardware manufacturers telling me what software I can install. For example, Steve Jobs wants the iPhone and iPad to be safe for children, and I am not a child.

At least Jobs has said that the Mac App Store won’t be the only way to get software for the Mac. But Apple will do everything it can to skew users and developers in that direction. In fact, anyone want to pool on how long before Apple starts claiming that installing “unapproved” software can violate your warranty?

Like I said, it makes me nervous.

5 Responses to “Mac App Store brings me little joy”

  1. Funny… just said something similar on twitter and then followed the link from @jarche here… these are the two tweets.

    From wikipedia on robber barons “while Rockefeller may have engaged in unethical and illegal business practices,this should…

    not overshadow his bringing order to industrial chaos of the day” Allan Nevins on “industrial statesmen”

    It is very much that robber baron mentality… yes, it would make things easier to do many things if the ‘confusion’ were cleared up and we got rid of ‘outdated’ software languages. But in another sense, he’s just being a bully, and making decisions because he’s big enough to be able to crush his opposition.

  2. As far as “unapproved” apps (apps not from the Mac App Store) voiding your warranty, would that not be considered a form of illegal tie in under the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act? Not saying Apple employees wouldn’t try it, on orders from HQ or not, but it would be very smelly if tried.

  3. What if this Mac App Store is a proper package/application management tool that the Mac has for so long lacked. Seems Linux distros have had something like this for quite a while

    I suggest this as someone who recently divested myself of my iPad and iPod Touch for a number of reasons – one of which being Apple’s management of the App Store.

  4. did you noticed that the app shop for ipad has around 20 categories,
    of which ONE is called ‘productivity’ ?

    I m not sure if it was meant in an ironic way
    but it defenetly confirmed me what an ipad is for

  5. It’s funny that “they” are so happy about this and “we” are so sad. “Oh-oh, a walled garden – where do we get in?” Of course, Facebook is the 3rd largest nation on earth now, so this sensibility shouldn’t be news.

    The internet is an extraordinary vehicle for freedom, creativity, and expression. But it’s also Retweet Culture. That “stupid” iPad app, “Art Authority” – SO not about “Art” in my opinion, yet peeps retweeted that for weeks and weeks.

    Now the Adobe Virtual Art Museum – a cumbersome, clunky, online presentation that has neither the interface nor the content that really defines our age. Yet I’m daily nauseated by a constant stream of retweets about it. Does anyone even look at the content they retweet about?

    Oh well… the saddest part about Apple’s strive to be more evil than Google for me, is that I will soon replace my beautiful Mac Pro Tower with a hideous PC tower. It will do more and cost less than a Mac, and I’ll hide it’s ugly box under my desk, but I’ll still look at it and groan.

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