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[2b2k] Count down

Three days to finish. Two, depending on how you count. Two chapters to read and fix. Compile it into one large file, turn the footnotes into endnotes, email it in.

Well, at least I know what I’m doing this weekend.

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  1. So you are ready to ladle up yet another serving of stultifyingly insipid goulash and lame-brained gobbledegook in what can only be construed as a breathtakingly brazen attempt to shamelessly exploit the credulity of the long suffering reading public. Of course your interminable inanities and mind-numbing nullities are just what we would expect from a graduate of some second-rate sinkhole like Bucknell. It may be redundant to point out that you are a pompous and pretentious popinjay and a mealy-mouthed mountebank but I will do so anyhow.

  2. Some post-weekend reading on the music biz and tech:

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