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[2b2k] Draft finished

I finished the book today, in some sense. I read through the last two chapters, filled in most of the TK’s (the “to come” placeholders I’d left) throughout the manuscript, poured all of the chapters into one large file, formatted it, got the page numbers centered at the bottom of the page, and am ready to sent it in to my publisher.

“Done” is such a relative word. The publisher will undoubtedly want changes. I have to compile the bibliography, write the acknowledgements (thank you all), format the footnotes properly, go through some copy-editing passes, come up with a subtitle (or say yes to the publisher’s), and worry about the world changing too much between now and when the book is printed.

But tomorrow for the first time in maybe two years, I’m not going to get up and work on my book.

6 Responses to “[2b2k] Draft finished”

  1. Yay, David!

  2. Congratulations!!

  3. callooh callay!

  4. I die to see it on Amazon or in bookstores. Knowing the process from your past books — when could we expect it to be issued ?

  5. About a year :(

    And that’s assuming my publisher accepts it without requiring an extensive re-write.

  6. wow, that’s a long time. A year after today it (Web) will be even bigger than and order of magnitude hard to know… Hope your publishers will not force to wait that long !

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