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Boston surrenders, snow declares victory

That’s it, snow. You win.

After two more hours of shoveling this morning, the pile in the yard is approaching 7 feet. Our neighbor kindly agreed to let us deposit snow from our driveway onto their narrow walkway. Without that, we would have had to clear the snow by melting it teaspoon by teaspoon in our mouths.

Not that it matters, but you shouldn’t feel too smug. You only won because you were able to throw more and more troops into the fray. No strategy, just a ruthless willingness to send your young — each a unique individual, not that you care — into the breaches that we kept trying to open. Whatever clever stratagem we came up with, you countered simply by throwing more snow at it. Still, it worked. We hope you’re very proud of yourself.

So, call off your dogs. No need for another blitz. We surrender unconditionally. Please take these frozen tears as a first small token of our capitulation. Plus Fluffy, whom we haven’t seen in a couple of days anyway.

5 Responses to “Boston surrenders, snow declares victory”

  1. “into the breaches that we kept trying to open”

    Here, our large snowfall also won, but kept falling into my breeches, which I tried not to keep open.

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  3. By the way, this winter is beginning to resemble the one of 10or 15 years ago when my “lawn” (more crabgrass than plaingrass) was not visible from the start of January until about the end of March. Except this began on December 26th.

  4. The U.S. has approved Genetically Modified Alfalfa.

  5. If it’s any consolation up here in southern Canada it’s been great! I’ve only had to shovel the driveway twice and it’s almost February! :)

    PS: our planet is doomed.

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