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[2b2k] Tagging big data

According to an article in Science Insider by Dennis Normile, a group formed at a symposium sponsored by the Board on Global Science and Technology, of the National Research Council, an arm of the U.S. National Academies [that’s all they’ve got??] is proposing making it easier to find big scientific data sets by using a standard tag, along with a standard way of conveying the basic info about the nature of the set, and its terms of use. “The group hopes to come up with a protocol within a year that researchers creating large data sets will voluntarily adopt. The group may also seek the endorsement of the Internet Engineering Task Force…”

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2 Responses to “[2b2k] Tagging big data”

  1. This seems a very simplistic way to deal with a great deal of data. Do they expect the Internet Engineering Task Force to really give them the support on this?

    Isla Pergola

  2. What an outlandish idea to store all that date in such a way. I´d be surprised if it worked.

    Mediation Guide

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