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Esquire’s article (by Tom Junod ) about Eric Schadt and non-reductive molecular biology would have been chapter fodder for 2b2k if the book weren’t (I hope) done. Fascinating.

(See the brief but interesting discussion at metafilter.)

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  2. Very interesting article that begins to presage an inevitable paradigm shift from logical positivism and rational hegemony to something much more comprehensive. Scientific materialism has turned the landscape into a map, and now Eric Schadt proposes to turn our rational maps into networked ecologies that approximate the complexities of the biological world. Yet creating better maps while useful, still leaves us within the dualism of Landscape-Map or Nature-Reason.

    Pharmaceuticals have effects. I am sure that someone who has become blind after taking a drug for sexual potency no longer believes that blindness is a coincident side effect. Every allopathic drug has multiple effects. Just listen to the long list of warnings at the end of each of their commercials. And how many drugs have been removed from the list of manufactured products precisely because their supposed side effects were more injurious to health than their proven benefits. Biological organisms operate beyond molecular systems. So mere molecular maps do not imitate holistic organic processes.

    Molecular chemicals do not cure disease. In fact molecular chemicals create disease. The Chemical Industry that has manufactured Asbestos and PVC and that has encouraged the use of mercury in silver amalgam dental fillings has contributed to human disease. The largest Industry today is the curing of diseases by using chemical compounds to negate the deleterious effects of other chemical compounds that have been absorbed into and accumulated within the human body. Medical Science is in an urgent race to counteract the effects of Industrial Science.

    Eric Schadt is developing a new biological paradigm to counteract the reductionist effects of Molecular Biology. I can only hope that his intelligence and his vision help to truly create a new paradigm and a New Biology and not merely a “New Biology company”.

  3. I am currently reading – In Search of P. D. Ouspensky – by Gary Lachman and I came upon a passage (p 50) that bears relation to the story about Eric Schadt.

    Ouspensky has a mystical experience one morning while looking at an ordinary ashtray. Lachman relates that a “whirlwind of facts and associations emerged from the ashtray, spreading out before him like a great web of relations.” His consciousness expanded from the perception of an individual object to a comprehension of how its materials were mined, how its metal was created, how the ashtray was manufactured, and how it was transported to his table.

    Mystical experiences are characterized by immediate integration of ordinary facts and information into a greater unified whole. The supercomputer also seeks to analyze and relate seemingly infinite facts into an integral web.

    Could it be that the capacity of a computer to associate and integrate infinite pieces of data and information in a very rapid manner into a more unified and coherent whole is similar to the process that occurs in a spontaneous mystical revelation?

    Perhaps the ability of a supercomputer to order and integrate information is a precursor to a new form of “rational mysticism”.

    Both Reason and Mysticism attempt to explicate the infinite complexity of the Universe through experiences of unification.

    Perhaps Truth must include a unification of both the Rational and the Spiritual. Perhaps Truth must integrate Science with Art.

    Currently we are in an intellectual period I would characterize as ‘Axis Duality”. One is either an Evangelical or an Athiest. One is either a monotheistic creationist or a cosmological materialist. Both claim with absolute certainty that the Universe was created in a specific way and both seek legislation to have their world view taught in the public schools. Both believe in their world view at the exclusion of belief in the worldview of the other. Life is characterized by Either…Or, when perhaps the truth lies in a more unitive – Both…And.

    What if we are all Mystical Athiests! What if the true complexity of the Universe includes both a Rational and a Spiritual consciousness not as opposites in a merely dualistic conception but as two different Axes of Consciousness that meet in a common center. The common center is that place where Ouspensky traveled on the morning while looking at an ashtray, and it is the place Eric Schadt seeks to travel on the wings of his supercomputer.

    Since I am writing a book on Poetry, Painting, Language and the Evolution of Human Consciousness, why would I return to a blog on technology so often? I can think of no more incompatible languages than computer code and lyric poetry. I continuously ask myself how both of these are essential languages of human consciousness and how both are integrated into a greater Unitive whole?

    Axis Duality would mistakenly take one set of dualisms for the whole truth. So what I am investigating is a Quaternity that says the Universe is much more complex than any dualism or monism. What we delineate as a dualism is actually two pairs of dualisms that offer different ways of knowing. The Atheist walks on the path of duality between the perceptual and the rational. The Mystic walks on the path of duality between the imaginal and the intuitive.

    Both the Rational and the Mystical paths are necessary in order to adequately delineate the complexity of the Universe.

    And Perhaps the path is more like a labyrinth than a straight line.

    Perhaps we are still trying to understand Albert Einstein, most mystical of scientists, who intuited that space is not rectilinear but rather curved.

    I find it curious that the Burning Man Celebration held each summer in the deserts of the Southwest and attended by many from the silicon valley high tech computer culture, is an unusual mixture of Sensuality, Art, Spirituality, and Technology. Seemingly, these four ways of knowing about the world are no longer fighting for exclusivity and pre-eminence, but are seeking out each other in order to explicate a more unitive whole.

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