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How books were made

Jeff Goldenson, my colleague at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab found this fabulous 1947 short documentary on how books used to be made. (He posted it at the LiL blog.)

What a production! It’s hard to believe (or, for some of us, to remember) how hard it used to be to print books.

(Jeff found the video at Y-Combinator.)

One Response to “How books were made”

  1. It certainly is interesting to those of us who like to watch factories in action, as well as to people who like books.

    There are several gender issues also. There are clearly defined jobs for men and for women. Also, the men were called “men” and the women were called “girls.”

    The general tone of the narration (where have I heard that voice before?) seemed about on a 5th or 6th grade level.

    I wonder if, as an A-V guy, I showed this movie in High School!

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