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MacKenzie Smith on open licenses for metadata

MacKenzie Smith of MIT and Creative Commons talks about the new 4-star rating system for open licenses for metadata from cultural institutions:

The draft is up on the LOD-LAM site.

Here are some comments on the system from open access guru Peter Suber.

5 Responses to “MacKenzie Smith on open licenses for metadata”

  1. Not sure if this is just my computer, but the link to the draft takes me to a “Congratulations, you are a winner!” website that doesn’t look anything like what the LOD-LAM site should look like.

  2. Weird. works for me.

    Just in case, here’s what it resolves to:

  3. I see the problem now – the link in the post is lacking the “y” in tinyurl

  4. Aha! Thanks, John! I thought I’d gotten url in the video wrong, which would have been much harder to fix. I’ve fixed it in the body of the post.

    Thanks for your persistence.

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