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Nice people make life better.

My MacBook crashed hard today after installing an Apple update. I couldn’t even boot it from the spare boot disk I had with me; I got the slash-through-circle sign upon booting. Nor could I boot into single-user or safe mode. I couldn’t boot into any stinking mode.

So, I got the name of the nearest Mac store in Madrid and walked there. But they don’t do anything technical, so they sent me 6km away to a small Mac tech shop where two young men put up with my broken Spanish. They ran a test or two, and told me that my drive was shot. (I think it was probably cause by a bad interaction with the PGP software Harvard has guarded my drive with; it sometimes doesn’t like updates to the OS.) Because I’m traveling, I agreed to let them do a complete OS reinstall, wiping out all my data. (I have my current files on DropBox, and have a TimeMachine restore back in the office.) They got right on it, even though they undoubtedly had other jobs in the queue. I went for a lovely 34 minute walk, and came back.

My drive works. I’m restoring what I can off of my mini HD. And the lads charged me $0. Not because of AppleCare, but because they’re nice.

You can find these friendly, helpful, kind people at Univsersomac, Orense, 69 (entrance on General Varela, 38) in Madrid. +34 91 188 88 23.

Say hello for me.

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4 Responses to “Nice people make life better.”

  1. Actually the most common issue with PGP and the No Smoking sign, is a misplaced boot.efi. Sometimes the mac get’s a little confused about where to boot from (I don’t know the specifics). Simply mounting the boot partition (via target firewire, or an external drive caddie), and then copying the pgpboot.efi to the boot.efi will fix this problem. Sorry if you had any data loss, PGP on a mac is still a dark art as most people are concerned. :-)

    Your friendly neighborhood sysadmin.

  2. Is this the culprit?

  3. This post is dedicated to the people who are true believers in random acts of kindness, pay it forward moto, and generally living life by sharing love with others.

  4. Of course, good people has a good life, and a god family, and a good life!!!

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