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Google author markup

I’m trying out Google Authorship, a pilot project that identifies online works with the author’s Google Profile.”To identify the author of an article, Google checks for a connection between the content page (such as an article), an author page, and a Google Profile.” It seems like a good, straightforward idea.

Setting it up entails using “rel” tags to mark content as yours, and to point to a page that will serve as your home page as an author. Google wants your Google Profile page to be the authenticating hub. (I continue to insist that Google should have called Google Profile “Whoogle.”) The link can point to your G Profile but can also point to one of your own pages.

I’m only slightly conflicted about this service. It puts Google Profile further at the center of the identity ecosystem. (You must have a Google Profile to use the service.) On the other hand, the “rel” links can point to your own pages. On a third hand, it helps Google search users find your posts and disambiguates authorship, both of which I’m in favor of. So, I’m trying it. (Search for my name or for the title of a blog post to see it in action.)

Here’s a Google blog post about it.

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4 Responses to “Google author markup”

  1. I read somewhere that you don’t necessarily have to have a Google Profile, but that you can create your own on your domain. (

    After I’ve read the info ( I’m totally in to trying this new feature.

  2. I sent the product manager a question about this very issue before I posted this, and he confirmed that you do have to have a Google Profile. But, I’m pretty sure from what I’ve read that you don’t have to point people to your G Profile; you can instead have the links point to one of your own pages.

  3. […] posts.Here is an example of what authorship data in search looks like; for the blog post ‘Google authorship markup‘ by David Wienberger:Result: Blog post by David WeinbergerThis feature is obviously cool, and […]

  4. Great post on Google author mark-up! You were the first person I noticed that with the correct mark-up in action. When I searched for this post using “Google author mark-up” as the search term; it associated you with the listing in the SERP’s which identifies you as the author :-) @DPGroom

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