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News unboxed

I just read the NY Times. In print. Cover to cover, so to speak, although I skipped the parts that didn’t interest me, which were most of the parts at least beyond the second paragraph. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the experience. I then put my coffee cup in the sink, declared that unit of the day over, and opened my laptop to begin the next.

In a hyperlinked world, boxing off content is unlikely to be a winning strategy. “Here is your morning box of world news, sir. By reading every item in this box, you will be Well Informed, No, sir, for that distinction you need read nothing outside of this box.” Nah.

But, even though my usual morning news reading does not come in a box, it does occur within a stretch of time: Over breakfast on most days I read through feeds I’ve aggregated via, straying as far out onto the Web as my interests lead me. I stop not when I reach the end of the news, but when I reach the end of coffee.

Obviously, I continue poking around the news (i.e., what is happening in the world) all day long. Nevertheless, I do have a morning news box, defined by time, not by the edges of content.

I suspect that’s because I grew up with morning newspapers and the evening news. I assume that The Kids These Days generally don’t have any sort of box for news. Amiwrong?

2 Responses to “News unboxed”

  1. I do this every morning David. Fifteen or 20 minutes with the Washington Post. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone else “serve up” the news to you. No hyperlinks to let you stray elsewhere. Just strap on the feedbag and let a team of journalists with hundreds, maybe thousands, of years aggregate experience select and prioritize what’s considered “news” on a given day. I wouldn’t want to go back to a world in which that’s the only option, but it still has appeal for those of us who grew up with newspapers.

  2. You asking us geezers?

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