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Two book notes

My podcast interview of Yochai Benkler about his excellent new book, The Penguin and the Leviathan has been posted. Yochai makes brilliantly (of course) a case that shouldn’t need making, but that in fact does very much need to be made: that we are collaborative, social, cooperative creatures. Your unselfish genes will thoroughly enjoy this book.

And, Joseph Reagle has promulgated the following email about his excellent, insightful book that explores the subtleties of the social structures that enable Wikipedia to accomplish its goal of being a great encyclopedia:

I’m pleased to announce that the Web/CC edition of *Good Faith Collaboration* is now available. In addition to all of the book’s complete content, hypertextual goodness, and fixed errata, there is a new preface discussing some of the particulars of this edition.

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  1. Not that it’ll matter or change anything, but Reagle’s book has been thoroughly criticized – my phrase is “quasi-academic marketing”. For a very uncomplimentary analysis, see, e.g., the following extremely critical discussion thread. For example, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger stated:

    “I received a review copy, from the publisher looking for a promo quote from me. I glanced at a few woefully misleading things it contained about the early history of Wikipedia, and my views, and never picked it up again. This is probably all I’ll ever say about it…”

    Again, I’ve become cynical enough enough to know the following won’t count against it – but the book has been called-out by such a range of people who know what they’re talking about in regards to Wikipedia that it’s a shame their voices are marginalized while it’s promoted due to the politics of Wikipedia-hyping.

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