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[2b2k] Marketplace Tech on Too Big to Know

Today is the official launch of Too Big to Know. Yay!

Marketplace Tech ran a 4 minute interview with me about it this morning. More interviews etc. are coming up, including on WNPR (Connecticut public radio) with Colin McEnroe at 1 pm today.

I will, alas, be noting media/marketing stuff on this blog over the next few weeks.

5 Responses to “[2b2k] Marketplace Tech on Too Big to Know”

  1. David, Congratulations !!!

    I guess I will order paper edition asap — Amazon just changed the availability date for KIndle edition to … a very late date:

    “This title will be auto-delivered to your Kindle on September 1, 2012.”

    Do you know why ?

  2. Amazon is working on the error. It should be available today. Sorry!!

  3. Great !
    I was afraid it was some decision.
    Will look at the page to see when is available.

  4. What do you think about Lance Scoular and the theory Power of 4

    The Savvy Navigator (as defined on your site)

  5. sorry not on YOUR site but on his

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