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States banning municipal wifi.

States are being pushed to pass legislation to prevent cities from offering municipal wifi, in order to preserve the current providers’ de facto monopolies. The latest are Georgia and South Carolina, because it would like be um terrible and, er, un-American to let localities experiment and maybe enter into private-public partnerships to speed more even distribution of Net access, or maybe even to view minimal Net access as some sort of public good or, well, do anything that doesn’t first of all maximize the profits of some large companies following a policy that has pushed America way down the global list of broadband access in terms of prices and speeds, because you know the Net is just used for porn and games and stuff and we have to PROTECT THE JOB CREATORS, yeah that’s it.

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  1. Once the unlicensed “white spaces” are able to be used, the cost of municipal wifi drops dramatically, again. With the prospect of high speed broadband “last mile” solutions dropping below today’s cost of $50 per house (does not include Internet access), the cable/telco folks will have to compete for business. Now that’s a wonderful thought, eh?

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