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Why I hate Verizon, Reason #254

How much do I owe Verizon this month for a connection at a summer cottage I share with my siblings? $38.04. For not having service.

That breaks down to $12.70 for a suspended phone line, $9.99 for a suspended Internet connection, $5.50 for having them turn off our long distance service, and taxes. (They didn’t record my initial request in early October to turn off the Internet, rather than suspend it, but go argue.)

I’m only surprised Verizon isn’t charging me more per month for not having a higher level of service.

4 Responses to “Why I hate Verizon, Reason #254”

  1. You are only up to #254?

  2. Verizon is a TOTAL RI-OFF – I found out about MetroPCS a no contract full service 4LTE speed with a single monthly payment – THAT INCLUDES ALL TAXES – the bigger the company like Verizon the bigger the rip off – that most companies are giving away – we bought a small flip phone and to get out the contract they now want – after 18 months with Verizon they still want over 200.00 to get out of the contract –

  3. My phone only worked in some rooms of my house. I called tech support. They fixed that…by removing all data functions. No email. No GPS. No internet. Couldn’t fix that, so they backed up my phone and did a total wipe. Surprise! Back to the initial problems (only works in the bedroom), which would be bad enough — but they have lost my contacts. “Could not be foreseen”. Gotta love a company that can make up its own rules and regs with no recourse. My contact ends soon. Straight Talk, here I come.

  4. helps consumers stand up to big carriers.

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