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Times cuts down on free access

Why? Does the Times have research that shows that when someone is denied access to her eleventh NYT article, she’s going to cave in and buy a subscription for $195/year? Because my informal market research — I sat myself in an airless room, asked myself some questions, and rewarded myself with m&m’s — indicates that I will just get more annoyed at the NYTimes, and regret its insistence on losing its place in our culture.

PS: No, I don’t know how to save the newspaper industry.

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  1. Then again…Just blog the article and click on your own link…you get right in…

  2. NYT. I remember that. I used to have it on my browser startup. I haven’t read an actual NYT article for at least 3 years, maybe longer. Are they still publishing then? How quaint.

  3. We have a print subscription, so we have unlimited access, but I would not be paying for it otherwise. I do like their coverage generally.

    My problem with the headline is that I thought they meant they were reverting their policy back to allowing unlimited access, when, instead, they are further restricting access. Obviously, not everyone reads it that way.

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