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Media reports its reaction as news…again

Secret Service scandal eclipses Obama trip

That’s the headline in USAToday. It’s typical of the news coverage of the Secret Service scandal before the President arrived in Colombia.

Let me fix that for you:

Media’s decision to focus on the Secret Service scandal eclipses Obama trip

The eclipse has only to do with how the media have chosen to cover the trip. And with headlines like the one in USAToday, the circle is complete: the media reporting on the media’s coverage as if they were actually reporting an event.


4 Responses to “Media reports its reaction as news…again”

  1. This is, as you know, unfortunately pretty common. It is probably easier for them to write about a “scandal” than to analyze the topics and discussion of a meeting of heads of state. It also makes the President look worse, since anything he might have said goes unreported or less noticed.

  2. Just because you strut about on your hind legs does mean that the more perspicacious among us have not noticed your cloven hooves. You will receive your just reward for your heretical doctrine of Miscellaneousness.

  3. @Mr. Weinberger (The Senior): Had Barry put forward that pot would be decriminalized before the upcoming primaries, news would have been made. But no.
    @Mr. Weinberger (The Relative): Quite right you are. But as Barry said nothing of any consequence, there was nothing to report. Had The President embraced Cuba and Puerto Rico as valid members of the Western world, it might have been another story. But no.
    @Mr. Alhazred: What the hell are you talking about? Please, no.
    Don’t answer.

  4. Detayl? bir anlat?m olmu?.Eline sa?l?k.

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