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Woohoo! Let’s all go out and get sick!

Holy cow! I did not see that coming.

Amusingly, at 10am this morning, I was giving my talk here at the Aspen Ideas Festival about knowledge in the age of the internet. I’d asked someone to interrupt when the news came through. So at 10:05, someone said: “The court overturned the individual mandate!” And someone else said, “No, they upheld it.” It turns out that CNN got it wrong, but a blogger got it right. Pretty much made one of my points right then.

Anyway, pretty amazing outcome.

And, please, let’s NOT all go out and get sick! Stay well and healthy, my friends.

2 Responses to “Woohoo! Let’s all go out and get sick!”

  1. That was a very meta moment this morning, David speaking about healthy skepticism of ‘net info, vetting source, etc. then incoming opposite versions of key ruling. Live! A truly fun session.

  2. I saw the NY Times headline that said, approximately, the decision is announced, we’re going to study it and tell you what it said and means, shortly.

    I almost never go to another source, but went to CNN where I saw the mandate overturned headline and cursed quietly. A few minutes later I went back to the NYT and saw the correct headline and felt a lot better. I guess CNN should have studied it for a minute or two longer. I copied the incorrect headline for posterity.

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