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Dave Brubeck, RIP

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  1. In that amazing clip he looked at first surpised when he heard the violin and then he grinned, enjoyed it and played along, giving the man an underlying rhythm and support. Mr. Brubeck looked delighted by it all. Thanks for posting it.

    My first exposure to him was from my the guy next door in my freshman dorm at Bucknell in 1962, David Brearly who had “Time Out”. He liked jazz and I didn’t know much about it. I ended up with a copy of the LP and several subsequent albums with a specially pressed LP and at least one CD version. Still great music. Our son at 2 or 3 would “dance” to one of the especially animated cuts (and now he writes Chrome utilities-who would have guessed).

    It sounds like Dave Brubeck lived a full life and gave us so much.

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