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A place for deadlines and editions?

I’m all for the continuous roil of the Internet. After all, time is continuous, so why should information be punctuated? But I wonder what it would be like if a site that consists of continuous inputs worked toward a moment when an edition is published.

This is not a well-worked-out idea, but imagine a site like Reddit or a service like Twitter that decides that every day at, say, 5pm Eastern Standard Time (it’s where I live and it’s my hypothesis) it will publish an edition that contains the best of that day’s content as determined by some crowdsourced methodology: upvotes or retweets or some such.

Of course we could do that already: every day just pluck out the most upvoted contents and declare them to be an edition. So, for this idea to be more than a mere aggregating, there would have to be consequences to not making it into the edition. The idea is that the contributors would be competing for the limited space on the front page. The items that didn’t make it would be preserved but taken out of the roil. It would thus change not only the rhythm but also the social dynamic.

Maybe for the worse. I don’t know. That’s why we have the phrase “I wonder…”

3 Responses to “A place for deadlines and editions?”

  1. Well, Weinberger, you are no doubt very proud of yourself. You are now universally recognized as the cybersphere’s most iniquitous Neo-Pantheist. You have condemned an entire generation to wandering aimlessly down the endless corridors of Miscellaneousness. Your slavish devotion to notorious nineteenth century German crackpot and crank Fred Nietzsche has finally paid off. He is probably applauding from the grave your maniacal attacks on the Dewey Decimal System. Just what did Melvil Dewey ever do to you to deserve this kind of treatment? And you are still the same lousy dresser you were in college. Are you trying to become the national spokesman for gone-to-seed Seniors in baggy Dockers? And what’s with the shirts? Was Walmart having a Red Light Special in Aisle 11? Little children in Bangladesh were made to work overtime because of you. Now I hear you are going to be inducted into the Bucknell Hall of Shame. Hopefully they will wheel Joe Fell out of retirement to expose you as the biggest disgrace to philosophers since Socrates seduced the youth of Athens. Don’t step in a cow patty on your way to the induction ceremony.

  2. I think there’s place for it and I wonder why more sites don’t do that. Something like NextDraft, the best stuff cherry picked to make it easier for casual readers.

  3. David is a Nietzschean? Does Heidegger know?

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