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This mnemonic does not mnemon

I fall forward far more often than I fall back.

I can’t remember the last time I sprang forward or sprang back.

Worst. Mnemonic. Ever.

3 Responses to “This mnemonic does not mnemon”

  1. Well I propose a competitor for worst mnemonic: “I before E except after C”.

  2. I always assumed that this was metaphoric — that “spring forward” means to advance quickly the way some area of science or technology might as the result of a new invention or discovery, and that “fall back” meant the tendency to return to old habits or beliefs.

    But I make up mnemonics all the time, and find the most stupid, senseless ones are often the stickiest and most effective. (Sort of those advertising jingles that whose irritating quality is exactly what makes them stick in your brain.)

  3. Surely you spring forward like a tiger, and fall back like an army.

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