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Replacing YouTube ads from outside the filter bubble

Like most people (I assume), when a YouTube I want to watch begins with a 30-second, I switch to another tab until it’s safe to come back.

So, could I please have a plug-in that will instead show me an ad-free video that I wouldn’t have come upon otherwise? Preferably something that will stretch my imagination, cast doubt on my assumptions, and enlarge my sympathy? Or at least a cat doing something awwwwwwwesome.

(Hat tip to MakeMarketingHistory.)

2 Responses to “Replacing YouTube ads from outside the filter bubble”


  2. Good idea.

    It is truly lame for YouTube to ape old-fashioned television.

    Another thought: if an ad is required, how about giving individuals some choice about what the ad might be? By that I don’t mean choices provided by the programmatic misunderstanding of ourselves by Google’s surveillance-fed robot, but by our selves.

    It’s an interesting challenge to think of what that might be, since our experience of the last decade or so has been entirely inside the filter bubble — and that it’s hard to imagine Google not wanting to guess at us all the time.

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