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The future is a platform

Here’s the video of my talk at The Next Web in Amsterdam on Friday. I haven’t watched it because I don’t like watching me and neither should you. But I would be interested in your comments about what I’m feeling my way toward in this talk.

It’s about what I think is a change in how we think about the future.

3 Responses to “The future is a platform”

  1. David, it’s a brilliant concept you present. I agree with you completely. So I think we just have one question left to ponder (for now anyway). The question is, what does open mean?

  2. Already enjoyed your talk very much at TNW Conference! I think it is a great model which touches some of the main opportunities for publishers and educators in the future.
    If I understand correctly, in the past we limited information through curation, as we needed to anticipate users needs. However today, as we have information in the cloud and can provide API’s with metadata included, we can enable users to curate for themselves. Would that also mean that content management systems that helps users structure the information for themselves based on metadata will gain in importance?

  3. Rikard, good question! By “open” I mean providing free access to openly-licensed materials. I know that each of those terms now need to be defined, and that there will always be questions about how they apply. But that’s roughly what I mean.

    Martin, also a good question! I’d say that CMS’s already are enabling such structuring because when you have so much stuff available, publishers and readers all need tools for filtering and re-filtering. Indeed, such tools are an important parts of CMS’s already and (in my opinion) will only become more important.

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