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Putin cracks down on our fellow bloggers

Putin’s crackdown on Russian bloggers is what totalitarian dicks do. And it’s a reminder of how much we should cherish and protect our freedom.

I have nothing to say, but I did not want to leave it unremarked.

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  1. Not to defend Putin, but aren’t the actions of the Russian state merely banal ‘authoritarianism 1.0’? Surely such support for the Russian blogosphere is a good sentiment, though I assume they will develop technological means to overcome the state.

    That being said, I find it more pernicious that technology is being used to allow and encourage use of new-ish media, to identify such usage as ‘freedom’, and for all that usage to be sucked up and used by Western states to monitor their populations. Authoritarianism 2.0?

    While private corporate use in the same vein may be accepted by the majority in return for potential returns of lifestyle and productivity gains by the consumer – not my choice, but most consumers seem to be OK with it. However, I see no reason for our state – I’m Canadian – to be vacuuming all electronic data without cause.

    Post-Snowden I assume this is not news or a radical position.

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