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New definition of “cringeworthy”

The House Judiciary Committee has posted a page with ten gifs to explain to the nation’s youth the folly of President Obama’s immigration actions. (Hat tip to Peter Kaminski.)

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  1. Good case for a DMCA takedown notice or two.

  2. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing as Mark–there’s fair use, but this is not an example of it. It’s the same thing happening everywhere, but for the freaking House Judiciary committee to use it, basically concedes that enforcement of those standards are useless.

  3. That’s funny-the thoughts above were my first reaction too. I suspect some of the people used would not want their images used in this way. I don’t know if fair use applies when your animated image is used to support an argument with which you do not agree. Any thoughts from the experts/

    I hate to say that I did not recognize all of the people I think I was supposed to.

    GIFs make me nauseated anyway. The rapid, repetitive action affects me badly.

  4. I definitely am not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that it’s Fair Use. In any case, I’d hate to see the use of these sort of GIFs prevented. I want a wider definition of Fair Use, not a narrower one.

    As you know (i.e., it’s in Wikipedia) Fair Use is an exemption to copyright infringement that applies when the quoted bit meets certain requirements. GIFs like these clearly are not intended to replace the original, and won’t do any harm to the ability to market the originals.

    As far as I know, it’s Fair Use whether you agree with the use to which it’s being put or not. And, imo, that’s definitely how it should be.

    I would hate to see any of the owners of the originals try to enforce a copyright claim.

  5. The lack of racial diversity in the animated gifs is telling, isn’t it?

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