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[liveblog] Inbab Lasser-Rab on IoT

Inbab Lasser-Rab is VP of Enterprise and Internet of Things Prod Mgt at Cisco. [LIVE BLOGGING. Full of errors]

50B things will be connected withi 5 yrs and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It will change industries and countries. IoT will be bigger than mobile.

E.g., her msartphone can turn on her water boiler, and make sure the kids have turned it out.

E.g., to protect the Great Barrier Reef, many sensors were installed. E.g., smart pillbottles record that the patient has taken the correct dosage. We’ll have many more bodily sensors.

Industry opportunities for IoP: Oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing lead in their investmets over the next three years.

What are the killer apps to make IoP go forward: Connected parking. 30% of cars on the road in a city are looking for parking. Connected waste collection. Street lighting. Barcelona is advanced in this. SF got eve nsmarter parkig. They made the spaces further away from the center cheaper to entice peole to use them.

IoP will drive STEM. Not enough girls are learninng STEM. Cisco sponsored a challenge to help address this.

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  1. I’d argue that one of the biggest things needed to make IoT go forward is better security. I’m not gonna buy a connected anything for my house if someone can make it do things without my permission.

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