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Uber’s one remaining awkward moment

Dear Uber,

You’ve managed to get over almost all of the social awkwardness of taking a cab, including wondering if the driver is taking you the long way and fretting the entire way about how much you should tip. Thanks!

The one remaining moment is when the car is approaching and you think maybe it’s that red car but you can’t tell a Honda from a Hundai and the license plate is too far away to read, and you don’t want to wave at a stranger in some car going by.

So, when your phone shows something like this (assuming that Mitch McConnell is your driver):

Normal Uber screenshot

And then the car gets closer, suppose your phone were to show something like this:

Flashing Uber alert screen

That is, it’d have a photo of your driver enlarged on some type of animated screen, with a color assigned to your driver. You’d hold the phone out toward where the car’s approaching from so the driver can see you and know that you are indeed the fare.

You’re welcome, Uber. Now how about a million dollars?

2 Responses to “Uber’s one remaining awkward moment”

  1. hey dave, this is silly, but you may want to alter the image of McConnell in the crosshairs… someone could misinterpret it and you’ll be spending precious time explaining how it is just an example and blah blah blah. if a conservative blogger had Hilary in there, we’d assume no coincidence out here on knee jerk webland.

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