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Has the Internet been paved? has just posted an article of mine that re-examines the “Argument from Architecture” that has been at the bottom of much of what I’ve written over the past twenty years. That argument says, roughly, that the Internet’s architecture embodies particular values that are inevitably transmitted to its users. (Yes, the article discusses what “inevitably” means in this context.) But has the Net been so paved by Facebook, apps, commercialism, etc., that we don’t experience that architecture any more?

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  2. Dear David Weinberger.
    I am amply delighted to read your article’s outlined argument that the Net so far has failed it’s early promise without nullifying that promise yet.

    I am writing to you here because your email ([email protected]) bounced on me and I would like to contact you privately about an important development in this area. Is there any other contact I can use?

    Kind regards,
    Simon Doring

  3. rèm c?a hà n?i giá r?

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