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Seven questions for Chock Full o’ Nuts

  1. Who buys this?

  2. Why did I buy it?

  3. Why would any major store give it shelf space?

  4. Can someone please get its lying jingle out of my head? (“Better coffee a millionaire’s money can’t buy.”)

  5. Can someone please get its bitter tastelessness out of my mouth?

  6. In ten years when I am about to give it another try, would someone please send me a link to this post?


Photo linked to a 404 page at WNYC by Sheri at who posted it with a CC license, saying that WNYC published it “with permission,” which doesn’t mean that it can be republished without permission, but who knows at this point? So if this is your goddamn “intellectual property” I am sooooo sorry for depriving you of all the money you were going to make from this glorious piece of work. Also, thank you.

6 Responses to “Seven questions for Chock Full o’ Nuts”

  1. Back in the day (when I lived in NYC) chock full o nuts used to have these awesome whole wheat donuts.

    So abandon your store-bought coffee grounds fetish. Try some of them donuts. Then complain to me.

  2. Bob, I remember those donuts well. Delicious.

    But, need I point: they were donuts with no nuts.

  3. maybe they are referring to their staff

  4. :)

    Wikipedia says that the coffee was first sold at a chain of nut stores.

  5. Actually, in response to wyrd, the store, if I recall correctly (or if I recall at all!) made it a point to employee people with psychiatric illnesses, including schizophrenia, in their coffee shops. I think that was an admirable early effort to be helpful to people who would otherwise not be employed. They may have partnered with a NYC group called Fountain House to help their “clients-patients.” I don’t know if they paid the going wage or not.

    I also liked several other baked goods they made.

    No comments on their coffee.

    I believe the singer in at least some of the ads was the wife of the owner or chair of the company. Was her name Shirley or something similar?

  6. As Tolstoy once did not say, all good coffee is alike, but every bad coffee is bad in its own way. I have had exactly one good cup of coffee in my life and do not rely upon the sheer luck ever to have another, although I have twice seen squirrels fall out of trees.

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