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The Ice Caps are Melting – Ho ho!

Tiny Tim would have been 84 today.

He was my mother’s younger cousin…an innocent, gentle, and very genuine soul.

The song is by Bill Dorsey about whom little is known. But what is known, the Internet has unearthed.

4 Responses to “The Ice Caps are Melting – Ho ho!”

  1. Tiny Tim’s version of Great Balls of Fire is just a tiny bit less great the the original Jerry Lee Lewis track.

  2. Yes, he was exploited by his manager. But watch the rest of the clip to get a better sense of who he was.

  3. I believe it was in a Terry Gross interview that he displayed an amazingly detailed knowledge of American pop music history, including illustrative renditions of century-old popular songs accompanied by his ukulele, that showed that he had missed his calling — a university or conservatory should have picked him up.

  4. Yes, he was a genuine scholar of the period. It’s hard to get past his weirdness, though.

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