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Too slow, Treyarch

I am far from the first person to notice this, but it really pisses me off.

Treyarch, the creators of Call of Duty, in the latest version let’s us decide to play as a woman. Other games have been doing this for a long time. So, have half a yay, Treyarch. Nevertheless, your player’s gender is not reflected in the script. There’s an argument I don’t want to have about whether this makes sense; it really just comes down to bucks.

But what really pisses me, and many other people, off is this character choice screen:

character model screen

This was an incredibly expensive game to design. The graphics are awesome, the sets are amazingly detailed. In single-player campaign mode, it’s a full length action movie—albeit not a very good one—and is budgeted like one.

But Treyarch couldn’t be bothered to spend $2.50 more to add some non-white faces to the roster. Really?

Here’s a fairly random screen shot I picked up from the Web.

typical scene

Keep in mind that this is about one sixth the resolution you get on a gaming PC. Treyarch can add intense detail to a gun or piece of shrapnel but can’t be troubled to design a few faces that aren’t white?

We’ve got a word for people who assume that the white race is the “real” race.

Not ok, Treyarch.

2 Responses to “Too slow, Treyarch”

  1. IANAG (I am not a gamer-copyright by me-now. My last game of this sort was Wolfenstein) and I agree with your point. Also, don’t all the faces look identical except for hair color or bandanna? Is that what happens with men’s face choices in games?

  2. Yes, all the faces are identical except for hair, bandana, and slight skin tone differences. The same is true for the male faces the game offers.

    CoD is more than a decade behind in allowing players to design their own characters. Many give exquisitely fine control over every aspect of the face: how far apart the eyes are, how jowly, how the nostrils flare. Many allow adjustments to your body as well.

    With the money Treyarch makes off of these annual games, they could buy the tech, or buy the companies that make the tech.

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