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When the transgender bathroom debate will end

It’ll end when the Republicans have this conversation with their daughters:

“You see, precious, that’s really a woman who’s just pretending to be a man because, well, she’s what we call a ‘pervert.’ No, dear, she can’t use the men’s room because we passed a law to make sure that lady perverts have to use the lady’s room. Yes, dear, we also made a law that the male perverts have to use the men’s room dressed as ladies. Yes, dear, the lady perverts who look like men actually are lady homosexuals — why aren’t you precocious! — who lust after little girls, just like we’ve told you, but, well, …you won’t understand it when you grow up either.”

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  1. Why not just have 1 kind of washroom? A small one, with a toilet and a sink. You get in, close the door, do your business and you’re done. Then it doesn’t matter whether your male, female, or some combination of the two that identifies as Romulan.

    You may need multiple of these rooms, obviously, but each one is independent. You could even have them self-cleaning if you like (yes, that technology exists).

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